Welcome to AET’s 41st Annual National Conference!

Join us this fall as we explore how characteristics such as motivation and resiliency can lead to greater achievement for individuals in both the school environment and the workplace. Research suggests that deliberate, focused practice mediated by reflective self-evaluation is key to learning, but how can we guide students toward a mindset that reinforces and sustains these essential attitudes and behaviors? Our 41st Annual National Conference will examine this theme with a primary focus on the practical, evidence-based strategies that empower our students to set goals and achieve them.

Our featured speaker, Robert Brooks, PhD, will kick off our conference with his well-documented wisdom, inspiring cases, and research-based strategies designed to activate a resilient mindset. The program continues with a dynamic schedule of breakout sessions targeted to the professional development objectives of educational therapists, allied professionals, learning specialists, and teachers.

This conference is designed to help you learn and connect with others who share your unique set of challenges and concerns.

We hope to see you here in Redwood City!

Susan Grama
AET President