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Associate Educational Therapist is the first step on the pathway of AET’s Professional membership track.

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Membership Levels for AET
LevelMembership DescriptionFee
 AssociateAssociate Educational Therapist-Membership is open to individuals who have completed all academic requirements for Professional membership, but must still complete the direct service hours and supervision/mentoring requirements before becoming a Professional member.

One Time Application Fee: $35.00
Dues: $225.00
First Year Total: $260.00
$35/ application
 StudentStudent must supply proof of enrollment in classes pertaining to Educational Therapy before membership will be active. Also, Student classification is good for two membership terms of one year each and then the member must recertify with new proof of school enrollment. $50/ year
 General MemberGeneral Membership-Open to any individual interested in the field of educational therapy. $125/ year
 Allied ProfessionalAllied Professional-Membership is open to any licensed professional who works with learning disabled individuals in professions that interface with educational therapy (e.g., psychologists, pediatricians, speech and language therapists, school and/or learning center directors, etc.) Proof of the applicant's license or professional verification is required.

One Time Application Fee: $35.00
Dues: $150.00
First Year Total: $185.00
$35/ application