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Associate Educational Therapist is the first step on the pathway of AET’s Professional membership track.

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Training Programs in Educational Therapy

AET coordinates with three universities to provide programs for the training of educational therapists. California State University Northridge (CSUN) and Holy Names University (HNU) offer a Master of Arts in Special Education with a concentration in Educational Therapy and a Graduate Certificate in Educational Therapy. AET has also coordinated with the University of California, Santa Cruz to offer an Educational Therapy certificate through the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Educational Therapy Certificate program.

These programs are designed to meet the academic requirements for Associate ET membership, as well as to provide advanced training for practicing educational therapists. The courses have been developed with the approval of AET and are offered for individuals who have an advanced degree and/or credential in special education, learning disabilities, speech/language, psychology, or related fields. Admission to a training program is based upon one’s background in education or learning disabilities. For those without a special education background, the certificate courses can be combined with other electives to fulfill the academic requirements for Professional-level membership in AET.

Students who complete the HNU, CSUN or UCSC Silicon Valley Extention programs are eligible to be “fast tracked” for AET membership and may submit a copy of their certificate as proof of academic preparation.

Further information about AET-approved programs:

Educational Therapy training programs are also available at the following universities*:

*AET cannot guarantee that these programs will fulfill all Associate ET academic requirements.

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