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Earning Continuing Education Credits


All Associate ET, ET/P, and BCET members of AET are required to accumulate and report 40 clock hours of continuing education (CE hours) every two years.

Complete descriptions of requirements and qualifying activities can be found by accessing your CE Log in the Members’ Center of the AET website. In brief, the requirements include:

  • attendance at a major conference or workshop every two years;
  • attendance at a minimum of one workshop, lecture, or seminar that addresses a specific syndrome every four years;
  • participation in an Ethics Workshop every six years.

Other qualifying CE activities include Study Groups, webinars, audio and video presentations, and readings.

Professional-level members of AET must report their completed continuing education activities every two years. Due dates for reporting are noted every two years on your membership renewal notice and can be found at the top of your online CE Log.

You may record your completed continuing education activities on the online log or on a downloadable pdf log. When your logs are due, you may submit them directly from the website (preferred), email your pdf log to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or mail a hard copy to AET, 7044 S. 13th Street, Oak Creek, WI 53154. Digitally submitted logs must be affirmed electronically; hard copies must be signed.

In addition to maintaining and submitting a log of CE hours, professional-level members are expected to retain documentation of completed qualifying activities.

There will be periodic audits of randomly selected CE submissions, and if you are selected for an audit, you will be asked to submit your documentation.

AET’s system of reporting continuing education hours relies heavily on the integrity of members to meet their requirements. Nevertheless, your designation of membership at a professional level in AET carries with it the expectation that you are continually increasing your knowledge and staying on top of cutting-edge research and developments in the field of educational therapy. Please regularly check your online log to be sure the log is current and your reporting is up-to-date.