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Associate Educational Therapist is the first step on the pathway of AET’s Professional membership track.

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Using Math Games to Develop Number Sense, Combat Anxiety, & Differentiate Instruction

Presented by: Diana Kennedy, MA, BCET

April 21, 2023
11:30 AM PT

President's Welcome

Welcome to the Association of Educational Therapists’ Website!

Dec 22 Lori Dver

     • Looking for an educational therapist?

     • Want to understand how educational therapy can help?

     • Need information about member benefits?

     • Contemplating your future career?

You’ve come to the right place!

Searching for an educational therapist?
Scroll down to Find an Educational Therapist where you can search by name, city, state, or specialization.

Registration remains open for the last two in-person workshops of the season. Shelly Bloom will be in Souther California (Encino) on April 1 and Sarah Ward will be joining us in New York (New Rochelle) on April 29. Both speakers will provide interactive and hands-on professional development opportunities that you can apply to your clients' sessions immediately! Continuing education credit is available. Register today!

Member Resources
The Resources List has authors, researchers, websites, and podcasts sorted by subject area for you to reference. The Educational Therapist Journal is published twice a year and available to members.

The Careers section will help you on your pathway from Associate, to Professional to BCET. The first phase of our newest addition, the Life Cycle Project, is available in the membership section, under practice support. Past webinars, archived on this site, offer a treasure trove of learning. Don’t forget to download AET’s logo, in the membership section, to put on your correspondence. And, if you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out the Monthly Member Profiles!

AET is an organization of volunteers. Working together, we have a robust membership with international representation. We have a national voice, through our work with NJCLD, the National Joint Council on Learning Disabilities that, among other goals, develops policy papers in the area of learning disabilities to clarify issues, influence policy, improve practice, and increase knowledge.

Within our organization we have many committees and subcommittees sharing the responsibilities and you are invited to join. Here is a partial listing. Please let us know if you have an interest in joining.

Development - working on ways to increase revenue so more professional development opportunities can be offered free of charge to members

Grants & Scholarships - seeking out opportunities so AET can continue to support its members and offer programs

eNews - helping to prepare the monthly newsletter, so members have easy access to current Association information.

Public Policy - joining monthly discussions to help compose public policy statements from AET

Social Justice - participating in projects to help further social justice within AET and the communities we serve

Higher Education - welcoming and supporting educational therapy certificate & master's programs in aligning with AET standards of practice

Research - encouraging and promoting research focused on educational therapy

Thinking about a career?
If you’re thinking about becoming an educational therapist, begin by reading AET’s Vision, Mission Core Values Statements. These reflect who we are and what we believe in. Next, proceed to the Professional section to learn about training programs and how you can begin your journey.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Association or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions. AET is here for you.

Thanks for visiting!


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Lori K. Dver, MA BCET

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