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[photo]-Jan Chappuis

Jan Chappuis

From Assessment to Intervention

Educator and author Jan Chappuis has been an elementary and secondary teacher, as well as a curriculum developer in English, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and world languages. Prior to joining the Assessment Training Institute, Jan Chappuis was a curriculum and assessment specialist responsible for professional development and school improvement. Her background as an elementary and secondary teacher, combined with her assessment expertise and professional development experience, enables Ms. Chappuis to provide teachers and school leaders with practical solutions for motivating students and involving them in their own academic success. Her most recent publication, Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning, is aimed at helping teachers adopt formative assessment practices shown to improve learning. Over the last 25 years, Ms. Chappuis has written books and developed workshops focused on classroom literacy assessment and research-based practices that support learning. A respected expert and thought leader in the area of formative assessment, Ms. Chappuis has presented both nationally and internationally. She is best known for her work in translating research into practical classroom applications.

Jan Chappuis is the author of several books, including Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning, 2nd Edition (2015); An Introduction to Student-Involved Assessment FOR Learning, 7th Edition (2017); and co-author of Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing It Right—Using It Well, 3rd Edition (2018).

[photo]-Carol Ann

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Collaborating with Teachers to Address Diverse Learning Needs

Carol Ann Tomlinson's career as an educator includes 21 years as a public school teacher and 12 years as a program administrator of special services for struggling and advanced learners. Dr. Tomlinson is currently a faculty member at the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education, where she is a William Clay Parrish Jr. Professor and the Chair of Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy. She is also the Co-Director of the University's Institutes on Academic Diversity. Dr. Tomlinson was named Outstanding Professor at Curry School of Education in 2004, and received an All University Teaching Award in 2008. Special interests throughout her career include curriculum and instruction for struggling and advanced learners, effective instruction in heterogeneous settings, and encouraging creative and critical thinking in the classroom.

Carol Ann Tomlinson is a reviewer and editor for eight journals and is author of over 200 articles and books, as well as other professional development materials. She has authored How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms and The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of all Learners. Recently, she co-authored a book with David A. Sousa entitled, Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom. Dr. Tomlinson’s books on differentiation have been translated into 12 different languages. Dr. Tomlinson works in both the United States and abroad with teachers whose goal is to develop a more responsive heterogeneous classroom.