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Educational therapy is a career choice for classroom teachers; resource specialists; special education teachers; speech/language specialists; education specialists in community agencies, hospitals, or clinics; and counselors and social workers. It is also a means for trained therapists (MFTs) to broaden their expertise and therapy skill set, allowing them to work effectively with clients who exhibit learning differences. Through UCSC Extension's Educational Therapy certificate, you receive training in skills essential to the profession: (1) formal and informal educational assessment; (2) synthesis of information from other specialists and parents; (3) development and implementation of appropriate remedial programs for school-related learning and behavioral problems; (4) strategies for addressing social and emotional aspects of learning problems; (5) formation of supportive relationships with the client and those involved in the client's educational development; and (6) communication facilitation between the client, the family, the school, and involved professionals. The training is designed to assist you in meeting the two major roles of a practicing educational therapist: remediator and case manager. For more information please call 408-861-3860 or email program@ucsc-extension.edu.

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