Continuing Education Requirements

Associate ET, ET/Professional and Board Certified Educational Therapists must maintain a high level of current information about the body of theory, research, and methodology that informs and supports educational therapy best practices. AET requires its professional members to complete a minimum of 40 clock hours of continuing education every two calendar years. Continuing education expands the range of knowledge and skills available to educational therapists.

When and Where to Submit Hours
Notice of due dates and forms for submission of hours will be mailed to you before your due date. Members may log continuing education hours on the website and upload the required scanned documentation but are advised also to keep all records of continuing education activity in your personal file. Unless submitted online, required documentation and CEU forms must be received by the AET office by the due date to ensure continued Professional or Board Certified status and a listing in the Directory.
Download: Continuing Education Requirements Form PDF

Meeting CE Requirements in Remote Geographic Locations
If you live far from a metropolitan area where conferences, coursework, and study groups are not a realistic option, email for assistance in developing an alternative plan.
Where to Mail Forms and Documentation
7044 S. 13th St.
Oak Creek, WI 53154
Phone 414-908-4949
Fax 414-768-8001
For Continuing Education Questions

Required Activities

Areas of Activity


Required Frequency

Major conferences such as AET Annual Conference or Chicago AET Regional Meeting, LDA or IDA Annual Conference, Learning and the Brain, etc.

Certificate of attendance

Minimum once per two-year period

Workshop, lecture, seminar, or conference on a specific syndrome
Includes topics such as attention deficit disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome, non-verbal learning disorder, etc.

Certificate of attendance OR a registration receipt with a copy of the program cover.

Minimum once per four-year period

Professional Ethics
Attend workshop or listen to AET CD of the most current workshop presentation

Certificate of attendance
OR written summary of the main points and discussion of its application to the practice of educational therapy.

Minimum once per six-year period

Discretionary Activities
Note: This is a suggested distribution of your total continuing education hours and includes maximum hours allowed in certain categories.

Areas of activity

Documentation Required

Area 1
(10-15 total hours suggested)


  • Conferences
  • Workshops and seminars

Certificate of Attendance

Area 2
(10-18 total hours suggested)


  • Study Groups
  • Case Discussion Groups
  • Journal Clubs/Book Discussion Groups

Study Group Verification Form or Certificate of Attendance

Area 3
(6-8 total hours suggested, with approximately 2 hours credit per item)


  • Video and Audio Tapes and CD's
  • Books relevant to educational therapy
    CE hours equivalent to tape or CD running time; books maximum of 3 CE hours per book with summary.
    (Audio and video tapes and books can combine for a maximum of 25% of required CE hours in a given period)

Written summary and photocopy of the tape, CD, or book jacket or title page of book

  • Articles accepted for publication

Copy of the published article
OR letter of acceptance for publication

Area 4
(10 total hours permitted)


  • School or Clinic Staff Development Workshops

Certificate of attendance
OR handouts showing title of presentation

  • Professional Presentations
  • Development of Academic Courses in Educational Therapy or related areas
    Credit is equal to the number of course units, or in the case of presentations, the number of clock hours of presentation; 10 hours maximum; one-time credit given for each course or presentation developed, no credit for repeated courses/presentations.

Verification of presentation by host or course outline or syllabus

Area 5
(Variable total hours)


  • Graduate level academic coursework

Credit given one time per program; limited to a maximum of 25% of total hours.

  • Specific training programs, i.e., LiPS, Wilson Reading, Saxon Math, etc.
    Credit given one time per program; limited to a maximum of 25% of total hours.

Transcripts of coursework (list hours, not units) or certificate of attendance

  • Supervision of AET Student members, Associate ET members, and ET/Professional member candidates.
    Supervision must be approved by AET. Maximum of 6 hours.

AET Supervision forms

Notes Regarding Written Summaries:
1. All summaries are read by a member of the Continuing Education Committee.
2. Summaries should be approximately one page double spaced in length and should include a brief synopsis of the main points of the book, recording, etc., plus comment as to how it applies to your practice of educational therapy.
Restricted and Non-Eligible Activities

  • Deriving all 40 hours of continuing education from a single area as outlined below. Units must represent diverse activities.
  • Learning center or school staff meetings that do not address issues relevant to educational therapy.
  • Volunteer activities for AET or any other professional organization (other than presentations).
  •  Coursework or trainings not related to the practice of educational therapy.