President’s Welcome
Alice Pulliam

Welcome to the Association of Educational Therapists website.  Perhaps you have not heard about educational therapy or AET until recently. Educational therapy is a relatively young profession, but it is well established and continues to grow every day. Founded over thirty-five years ago, AET serves the profession, those who practice it, and those who receive educational therapy services.

Educational therapists are multidisciplinary. Educational therapists consider all aspects of learning - academic, psychological,  and social-emotional. Educational therapists focus on learners’ individual profiles and develop an intervention plan that focuses on the client’s strengths and needs. To learn more about educational therapy on our website, watch our first webinar with founding president, Dorothy Ungerleider:  “Educational Therapy: What It Is and How It Works”.

The AET website is a tool for professional educational therapists, for professionals in related fields, for parents who need support for their children, and for adults with learning challenges. Find out how to apply for membership, how to become an educational therapist, the difference between educational therapy and tutoring, and how to support AET’s efforts. Use the referral directory to find an educational therapist. Learn about regional workshops and our annual conference. Get involved. Attend a local study group meeting or a virtual study group meeting. Look forward to more webinars as they are developed. Use these opportunities to network with educational therapists and promote your practice.

I am a Board Certified Educational Therapist who has practiced for more than forty years. I believe in the life-changing power of educational therapy. I invite you to learn more about educational therapy and how to become more active in this field. I hope you will find here how educational therapy and AET can support you and others you know.

Enjoy your visit and come back soon!

Educational therapy is important work.