The Clinical Practice of Educational Therapy: A Teaching Model
by Maxine Ficksman, M.A., & Jane Utley Adelizzi, Ph.D.

This groundbreaking text on the practice of educational therapy is a useful tool for new ETs, as well as a reaffirmation for experienced ETs. The chapters include rationale for the significance of educational therapy in a diagnoses-driven society. The authors provide reflective analyses based on case studies which exemplify how the learning experiences of clients impact their sense of self, and the degree of tenacity with which they pursue further challenges in the classroom, the workplace, and in relationships.
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From Dr. Ned Hallowell . . .

Bravo to Ficksman and Adelizzi for introducing the first textbook on educational therapy, useful not only as a training mechanism for aspiring educational therapists, but also for edifying colleagues in the fields of education and psychology about their clients’ struggles with LD and ADHD. The editors provide a graphic model of the field, a guide from which the reader can explore the practice through the eyes of therapist, parent, and student as case studies unfold in chapters written by expert clinicians. Readers are drawn into the sessions, introducing them to the therapeutic dyad of the child, adolescent or adult working in alliance with an educational therapist – a virtual cast of characters embedded in a drama which shifts from the pain of defeat to the freedom that comes from a deeper level of learning and understanding.

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