Virtual Study Group

The virtual study group is an excellent opportunity for you to establish a connection with other educational therapists. As an AET member, you all have a unique perspective that enriches our professional community. The virtual study group is a series of meetings that take place through video conferencing. The meetings provide a forum for discussion of topics related to the practice of educational therapy. Sometimes there are presenters on a variety of topics. Other times, the focus is to discuss case studies to receive input from other educational therapist on suggestions to handle particular cases.

AET started as a study group held in a living room. Today, we have the advantage of being able to connect in the virtual world and benefit from the wisdom of others. Everyone has something to contribute and something to gain.

If you have any questions or comments about the virtual study group or any other AET matters, please don't hesitate to contact Julie Cowan or Jeri Burzin

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