Speaker Highlights

[photo]-Jan Chappuis

Jan Chappuis

From Assessment to Intervention

Jan Chappuis will address the role assessment can play in strengthening learner skills, behaviors, and attitudes. She will discuss how research-based, high-impact formative assessment practices can enhance and encourage student achievement, not merely measure it. In addition, her presentation will explore how the assessment process can maximize students’ abilities to shift into a learning orientation to their work through self-assessment, goal-setting, and reflection. Strategy discussion and demonstration will focus on methods to help students understand the intended learning objectives and will recommend approaches for offering effective feedback so students can and will act on it.

[photo]-Carol Ann

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Collaborating with Teachers to Address Diverse Learning Needs

Educational therapists and allied professionals who provide direct services to students and their families have an opportunity to contribute to the development of classrooms in which student needs are a primary focus. In this session, Dr. Tomlinson will examine the “state of the art” of differentiation in today’s schools and why it matters for schools and teachers to focus on responsive teaching. The key focus of the session will be an exploration of what quality differentiation looks like in classrooms where teachers practice it well, and how educational therapists and their colleagues can contribute to both school leadership for differentiation and the practice of differentiation in classrooms. Attendees will walk away with the tools needed to foster a discussion of differentiation that helps shape teacher competence and confidence in addressing diverse student needs. Participants will learn how they can leverage differentiation tools and practices to improve collaboration among all members of the learning communities that support students’ needs.