Training Programs in Educational Therapy
Master-Level Programs

Master-level programs that provide training in educational therapy are offered at:

Certificate Programs in Educational Therapy

Schools that offer a graduate program certificate in educational therapy are:

The certificate courses are designed to meet the initial requirements for becoming an educational therapist, as well as to provide advanced training for Professional members. The courses have been designed with the approval of AET and are offered for individuals who have an advanced degree and/or credential in special education, learning disabilities, speech/language, psychology, or related fields. Admission to a certificate program is based upon an assumption of a background in education, both regular education and special education, with an emphasis on learning disabilities. For those without a special education background, the certificate courses can be combined with other electives, including the supervised internship, to lead to training for the profession of educational therapy.

AET Educational Therapy Institute

The ETI provides high level training to educational therapists and other professionals in order to meet the demands for comprehensively trained intervention specialists.  The Institute offers two tiers to address the needs of practicing educational therapists who want to hone their skills and professionals who wish to make a career change to educational therapy.

Other Training in Educational Therapy

Many individuals interested in the profession of educational therapy are not near universities that provide educational therapy courses. However, they are able to take university-level courses in special education and educational psychology, often obtaining a masters degree while they do so. With extra workshops and extension classes, they may develop a curriculum that fulfills the requirements for Professional membership in AET. Because courses have different names at different universities, an important step in achieving adequate training for educational therapy is to take the list of the AET professional requirements to the college or university counselor and ask for assistance in developing a program that meets the requirements. Individuals who are considering educational therapy as a career change, or as a supplement to their work in related fields, are encouraged to join AET at the General level and submit their transcripts to the AET Membership Committee for review and counsel.